Future Transport and Mobility

The major challenge in the Transport sector is the transformation towards zero emission in all possible modes of transport. Ultimately, this means vehicles, vessels and airplanes, which are either electric, hydrogen fuelled and/or the use of a biobased or renewable fuel. Other challenges are: autonomous driving and new mobility concepts.

Uniresearch consultants have profound knowledge of the opportunities and challenges in the transport and mobility domain and are keen to support you to acquire funding for research and innovation actions in e.g. the following European programs: Green Vehicle, Mobility for Growth, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, Maritime and Infrastructures. Our services in project set-up and – management cover each development stage; from early stage research projects to demonstration projects.

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The SAFELiMOVE project is a research and innovation project (LC-BAT-01-2019) and will develop lithium metal (LiM), high voltage cathode materials and hybrid solid electrolytes for electric vehicle applications.
Uniresearch Role

Uniresearch was hired by the initial consortium to write and compile the grant application. After approval of the project, Uniresearch has become responsible in the SAFELiMOVE project, Uniresearch has been assigned the task of project management facilitator and an active role in the dissemination, exploitation and communication.

Maaike van der Kamp – Van Roosmalen
Director / Senior Grant Consultant
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SAFELiMOVE will develop a new lithium-metal (LiM) battery cell technology based on a safe, reliable and high performing solid-state electrolyte. SAFELiMOVE delivers innovations in five main technology areas: development of nickel-rich layered oxide cathode materials; high specific capacity Li-metal anode materials; advanced hybrid ceramic-electrolyte with improved ion conductivity at room temperature; interface adoption for effective Li transport by surface modification and/or over-coatings, and knowhow creation for the development of scale up production of all-solid-state batteries. By higher energy density batteries towards 450 Wh/kg, faster charging and longer cycle life, SAFELiMOVE aims to meet future battery requirements for EVs. Thus, the range of EVs will be extended and the electromobility and decarbonization will be further pushed forward with impact in climate change scenarios.

Facts & Figures
  • Acronym: SAFELiMOVE
  • Start date: 1 January 2020
  • Duration: 48 Months
  • Total budget: 7.9M€
  • EC funding: 7.9M€
  • EC contract number: 875189

The project consortium consists of 14 partners from 6 EU countries and 1 partner from Canada.