Future Transport and Mobility

The major challenge in the Transport sector is the transformation towards zero emission in all possible modes of transport. Ultimately, this means vehicles, vessels and airplanes, which are either electric, hydrogen fuelled and/or the use of a biobased or renewable fuel. Other challenges are: autonomous driving and new mobility concepts.

Uniresearch consultants have profound knowledge of the opportunities and challenges in the transport and mobility domain and are keen to support you to acquire funding for research and innovation actions in e.g. the following European programs: Green Vehicle, Mobility for Growth, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, Maritime and Infrastructures. Our services in project set-up and – management cover each development stage; from early stage research projects to demonstration projects.

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The PaREGEn consortium will demonstrate a new generation of gasoline direct injection engined vehicles achieving a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions through the combination of advanced engine and aftertreatment technologies.
Uniresearch Role

Uniresearch carried out the role of project manager and also provided the project management support team. Tasks included: taking care of administrative and financial aspects, and preparation of meetings in collaboration with the coordinator.

Cor van der Zweep
Director / Senior Grant Consultant
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The challenge in the project is to develop a new generation of engine technologies that are truly and significantly more fuel efficient than the best 2015 equivalents under real driving conditions, and to demonstrate that pollutant emission levels from these technologies can meet with the Euro 6 RDE limits and particle number emissions measured with a 10 nm size threshold.
The PaREGEn project takes the lead in demonstrating a new generation of gasoline direct injection engines achieving a ≥ 15% reduction in CO2 emissions (at up to TRL 7) through the optimal combination of advanced engine and robust aftertreatment technologies.

Facts & Figures
  • Acronym: PaREGEn
  • Full name: Particle Reduced, Efficient Gasoline Engines
  • Start date: 1 October 2016
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Total budget: 12,1M€
  • EC funding: 9,95M€
  • EC contract number: 723954

The project consortium consists of 17 partners from 9 EU countries.