LIBERTY aims to develop a new battery system through smart combinations and implementation of innovations. LIBERTY’s comprehensive solution will include a weight optimised safe battery pack that combines high energy density cells with a crash-resistant, lightweight structure, a versatile battery management system, high-accuracy diagnostics tools, and a safe, innovative thermal management system.
Uniresearch Role

Uniresearch was hired by the consortium for proposal development and coordination, resulting in a successful application.

Maaike van der Kamp – Van Roosmalen
Director / Senior Grant Consultant
Jaap Struijk
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LIBERTY’s overall target is upgrading EV battery performance, safety and lifetime from a lifecycle and sustainability point of view. The key objectives of LIBERTY are to achieve a range of at least 500 km on a fully charged battery pack, halved charging times, an ultimate safe battery system, a long battery lifetime of over 300,000 km for first life, the ability to reuse the battery pack for second life applications and sustainability over the battery pack’s entire life cycle.

Facts & Figures
  • Full name: LIghtweight Battery System for Extended Range at Improved SafeTY
  • Acronym: LIBERTY
  • Start date: 1 January 2021
  • Duration: 42 Months
  • Total budget: 10.8 M€
  • EC funding: 9.1 M€
  • EC contract number: 963522

The project consortium consists of 16 partners
from 7 EU countries.