Blue Mining

Blue Mining: breakthrough solutions for sustainable deep sea mining.
Uniresearch Role

Uniresearch was hired by the consortium to write and compile the grant application. After approval of the project, Uniresearch has been assigned the task of project management facilitator and provided an active role in the dissemination, exploitation and communication.

Cor van der Zweep
Director / Senior Grant Consultant
Jacqueline Heintz
Junior Grant Consultant
Jaap Struijk
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An international European consortium of 19 large industry and research organisations on various maritime fields of expertise, the ‘Blue Mining consortium’, developed solutions that brought sustainable deep sea mining a big step closer. In four years (2014 – 2018)  the ‘Blue Mining project’ addressed all aspects of the value chain in this field, from resource discovery to resource assessment and from exploitation technologies to the legal and regulatory framework.

The control over the capabilities of extracting  deep sea mineral deposits, to be found up to 6,000 m water depths, is the key for access to raw materials, for decreasing EU dependency on resource imports and for strengthening Europe’s mining sector and their technology providers.


Facts & Figures
  • Acronym: Blue Mining
  • Start date: 1 Feb 2014
  • Duration: 48 months
  • Total costs: 15 M€
  • Total EC Funding: 10 M€
  • EC Contract: 604500

The project consortium consists of 19 large maritime industry and research organisations on various maritime fields of expertise, including environment.
These 19 partners are from 6 different European countries.