Dissemination management and tools

Under e.g. the Horizon 2020 program, projects should engage in dissemination activities.

Dissemination entails sharing research results with potential users; peers in the research field, industry, other commercial players and policymakers. Uniresearch is experienced in creating maximum visibility of your project results by creating dissemination plans, using up-to-date tools and execute campaigns and can assist you to ensure the grant program’s requirements for dissemination are met.

We create and maintain our dissemination tools by using experiences from key partners and their up-to-date tools. Examples of Uniresearch’s dissemination activities are website creation, hosting and maintenance, defining graphical identities of the projects and using this consequently throughout the project’s lifetime, and creating and publishing project plans and results by means of press releases, flyers, posters and e-newsletters to relevant stakeholders.