Energy Transition and Environment

The world faces major threats due to unsustainable consumption of fossil resources and raw materials, and unsustainable land use. The whole society and all sectors need to make a U-turn in order to preserve our planet for future generations.

Uniresearch consultants have profound knowledge of the opportunities and challenges in the Energy Transition and are keen to support you to acquire funding for research and innovation in e.g. the following EU programs: Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy, Blue Growth, Biobased Industries, Mobility for Growth, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen and Climate action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials. Our services in project set-up and – management cover each development stage; from early stage research projects to demonstration projects.

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The HDGAS project develops, demonstrates and optimizes advanced powertrain concepts for dual-fuel and for pure natural gas operation engines.
Uniresearch Role

Uniresearch provided the project management support team. This means that Uniresearch supported the project coordinator in the daily management of the project, maintained the communication with the consortium, and organised and managed documents and meetings.


The overall objective of HDGAS is to provide breakthroughs in LNG vehicle fuel systems, natural gas and dual fuel engine technologies, as well as aftertreatment systems. The developed components and technologies will be integrated into three demonstration vehicles that are representative for long haul heavy duty vehicles in the 40 ton range.
To realise the full potential of LNG powered vehicles, the following challenges will be addressed:

  1. Vehicle costs
  2. Infrastructure costs/access
  3. Vehicle performance/operations
  4. Vehicle/engine availability

HDGAS targets for step-changes in vehicle costs, vehicle performance and vehicle/engine availability. The achievement of these targets will facilitate the deployment of heavy-duty natural gas and dual fuel vehicles. It will also facilitate investments in infrastructure and the deployment of the LNG/CNG stations, as financial and operational risks are lowered and the return on investment and payback times are favourable.

Facts & Figures
  • Acronym: HDGAS
  • Full name: Heavy Duty Gas Engines integrated into Vehicles
  • Start date: 1 May 2015
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Total budget: 27.0 M€
  • EC funding: 19.9 M€
  • EC contract number: 653391

The project consortium consists of 20 partners from nine (9) EU countries.